Experience Matters

We excel at creating the conditions for successful inbound or outbound acquisitions. Over an extended period of time, Ascension management has established trust, good faith, and success with multinationals, important provincial and central government agencies and state owned enterprises (SOEs). Our fundamental strengths are people, insights, and:

  • The overall experience of management in China and Chinese transactions.
  • A proven track record of challenging high level advisory experience.
  • Successfully navigating the upper echelons of both central and provincial governments.
  • Understanding the goals, preferences and legal needs of multinationals in developing their PRC franchises.
  • Understanding the challenges and issues particular to private Chinese companies and a history of providing effective solutions and support.

Focus Counts in the 21st Century

Our focus is on advisory and investment banking work. We are dedicated to providing conflict-free and client-focused advice on selected investments.