Selected Transactions

  • With decades of transaction experience in China, our senior management has successfully closed more than 150 PRC transactions in areas including retail, finance, heavy and light industries and energy sectors.


  • Merged 52 municipal and provincial manufactures to form China’s largest electrical appliance export manufacture and designated as its first “Group” company.
  • Gained 1st approval by founding and investing in Best Beverages, Ltd., the first registered foreign owned distribution company in China.
  • Advised  the world’s #1 machinery manufacturer in developing its M & A strategy for China, aided in implementation of its M & A plan, and refined its government relations strategy which today is seen as an industry standard.
  • Designed US strategy and led successful negotiations between the US and China’s No. 1 nuclear power companies that led to initial services agreement that aims to provide safe and more efficient operations.
  • Invested, sparked, staffed and developed a major restaurant chain in Northern China, later exited to its US corporate.
  • Assisted a Global Fortune 500 Chinese petrochemical firm in developing key partners, systems, and processes for its transition to a market economy.
  • Assisted the world’s No. 1 brewery company by devising a key logistics strategy cutting its railway transit time by 50 percent from its main production facility in central China to its key east coast market.
  • Advised a global technology leader to reorganize its PRC manufacturing and distribution strategy and to receive necessary government licensing, realizing major cost savings for its PRC products.
  • Advised the world’s #1 household goods maker in developing and implementing its M & A strategy in China.
  • Assisted a major American brand to better implement its global distribution from China.
  • Conceived “Capitol Advisors”, comprised of retired PRC senior government and industry officials.
  • Planned with the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) the formation of the CEO Business Roundtable.
  • Aided the leading global stock exchange in developing its positioning strategy and in closing key contracts in China.
  • Refined direction for a Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firm as its China Strategy Advisor setting the stage for closer government relations.
  • Assisted a Global Fortune 500 Chinese energy company to develop strategy of a major restructuring.
  • Named by China’s State Council as its Special Advisor to the World Economic Development Conference.


  • Played key advisory role in China’s first Sino-foreign air cargo line.
  • Played a key advisory role for China’s leading frozen vegetable producer.
  • Played a key role as an intermediary to assist a world leading insurance and financial services company to receive crucial government approvals.